Why Carbs? 

You hear it all the time, 'I'm on a low-carb diet'.  You probably also hear, '...no carbs, I totally avoid carbs... no carbs, no carbs, no carbs'.  But, what these people don't understand is that carbohydrates are essential to optimize workout and athletic performance.  In fact there is no scientific evidence showing that a low-carb diet is better.

... Although low-carbohydrate diets were popular in the 1970s they have resurged again yet little scientific fact into the true nature of how these diets work or, more importantly, any potential for serious long-term health risks in adopting this dieting practice appear to have reached the mainstream literature. Evidence abounds that low-carbohydrate diets present no significant advantage over more traditional energy-restricted, nutritionally balanced diets both in terms of weight loss and weight maintenance. Studies examining the efficacy of using low-carbohydrate diets for long-term weight loss are few in number, however few positive benefits exist to promote the adoption of carbohydrate restriction as a realistic, and more importantly, safe means of dieting. While short-term carbohydrate restriction over a period of a week can result in a significant loss of weight (albeit mostly from water and glycogen stores), of serious concern is what potential exists for the following of this type of eating plan for longer periods of months to years. Complications such as heart arrhythmias, cardiac contractile function impairment, sudden death, osteoporosis, kidney damage, increased cancer risk, impairment of physical activity and lipid abnormalities can all be linked to long-term restriction of carbohydrates in the diet. The need to further explore and communicate the untoward side-effects of low-carbohydrate diets should be an important public health message from nutrition professionals. -(Bilsborough SA 2012)

So, wanna low-carb your way to a leaner physique?  It'll be like trying to run your car without gas in the tank.  Not a smart choice and flat out just not going to happen.  In fact, your brain, which powers your body and tells you when to run, stop, jump, swim, lift, bike, etc.. requires carbohydrate to operate.  It brain runs almost exclusively on carbohydrate.  Ever been in the middle of a workout, race, marathon, triathlon, century, gym session, swim meet, tournament, game, match, etc. and felt like you couldn't go on - or felt like your energy got zapped?   You hit a wall.  You crashed.  You bonked.  Answer to this? Carbohydrate.  Vitargo is the undisputed champion in this ring.  No questions asked.  It blows the competition out of the water!  It blows other carb sources completely away.  Watch the video that explains what Vitargo is.  Click here. What you basically need to know - It's the A-bomb to other companies' grenade.

So why carbs?

"Carbohydrate is arguably the most important source of energy for athletes. No matter what sport you play, carbs provide the energy that fuels muscle contractions. Once eaten, carbohydrates breakdown into smaller sugars (glucose, fructose and galactose) that get absorbed and used as energy. Any glucose not needed right away gets stored in the muscles and the liver in the form of glycogen. Once these glycogen stores are filled up, any extra gets stored as fat.

Glycogen is the source of energy most often used for exercise. It is needed for any short, intense bouts of exercise from sprinting to weight lifting because it is immediately accessible. Glycogen also supplies energy during the first few minutes of any sport. During long, slow duration exercise, fat can help fuel activity, but glycogen is still needed to help breakdown the fat into something the muscles can use.

Adequate carbohydrate intake also helps prevent protein from being used as energy. If the body doesn’t have enough carbohydrate, protein is broken down to make glucose for energy. Because the primary role of protein is as the building blocks for muscles, bone, skin, hair, and other tissues, relying on protein for energy (by failing to take in adequate carbohydrate) can limit your ability to build and maintain tissues. Additionally, this stresses the kidneys because they have to work harder to eliminate the byproducts of this protein breakdown.

Carbohydrate has other specific functions in the body including fueling the central nervous system (CNS) and brain."  Read more....

Vitargo is the world's "super-carb".  There is NO better carbohydrate supplement on the planet and it's uses are multiple. Though most beneficial to extreme and intensive training, it is not restricted to (intensive training).  Used be ELITE and OLYMPIC athletes, tech nerds, NCAA athletes (yes, it is ncaa compliant), desk ninjas , campus rec room goers and the average, every-day guy and gal.   Consumption of Vitargo can be beneficial even beyond your workout.  Its uses can be applied to multiple daily activities.  Read here.  It is a ground breaking, revolutionary body fuel.  Completely sugar free, gluten free and stimulant free.

Flat out: Vitargo is incredible.  Vitargo is amazing.  Vitargo ROCKS!   There is no comparison.  Karbolyn, Cyto-Carb,  GlycoFuse, CarBion, Karbolic....  not even close.  Vitargo annihilates the competition.  Proof before promises.  All other companies use dextrose, waxy maize or maltodextrine.  Vitargo is proven in studies on athletes to outperform ALL of these carb sources... regardless of variety, mix or matrix.  Don't be fooled by fancy marketing and lower prices.   Want the best results for your workout.  Fuel on Vitargo. Read their studies.

Here are the benefits of the product as described by Vitargo (1/21/15):

"Vitargo, is a revolutionary break through sport fueling and recovery drink, provides the fastest muscle fuel and an unrivaled post-workout insulin boost to elite, Olympic and professional athletes worldwide.

It doesn’t matter where you train and compete - on the field, court, rink, road, snow or in the water - carbohydrate will be THE critical factor that determines how strongly you perform and whether or not you endure and fight to the finish.  Timing is everything and to perform at your highest level you need a carbohydrate fuel source that moves through the digestive tract as FAST as possible.

With several refueling and recovery options on the market, you absolutely need PROOF that the product you choose will deliver on its performance promises and is PROVEN superior!   Read more

Stop depriving your body of the essential fuel it needs to MAXIMIZE your workout.  Get carbs.  Get them fast.  Get them clean and get them complex (not simple).  Get Vitargo - Fastest Muscle Fuel.  Again, without carbohydrate your body will bonk, crash and/or hit a wall.  You'll deprive your body of the vital energy sources necessary to optimize workout.  Don't crash.  Put Vitargo in your shaker today.  Ships free here

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