Hi.  I'm Ian.

I’m the chief star thrower here at MuscleFuelNINJA. I'm a duck, a don and definitely a beach bum.  I help guys and gals understand nutrition and fitness.  My mission - is to FUEL your workout.

The goal here at MuscleFuelNINJA is to help you better understand your workouts, improve your diets, take the best supplements possible and help you consistently improve your health and well being day in and day out.

We want you to look better, feel better and be a better person. 

Here's my story -  I am a 4th generation San Franciscan from my father's side.  He having moved to San Francisco in the 1890's from eastern Canada.  My great-uncle, Leonard, was drafted and played for the Chicago Cubs.  My father is a multi-time Boston Marathon qualifier.  My second cousin is Olympic gold medalist Rulon Gardner.  My mother is a British born actress based in London, England.   I am currently very blessed to call the great State of Florida home and reside in the amazing magic city of Miami with my beautiful girlfriend.

I foster the culture of being accountable for self, developing community and trail blazing here at MuscleFuelNINJA.  My family helped settle the West.  I don't say that lightly. My great-great grandfather, Archibald Gardner, pioneered cities in Canada, Wyoming, Idaho and Utah.  Specifically he helped found Star Valley, Wyoming along the Lander Road of the Oregon Trail (just SW of Jackson Hole) and the city of West Jordan, Utah (SW of Salt Lake City).  The Scottish born, Gardner, fed and housed thousands with his grist and lumber mills.  We have a strong Mormon legacy.  I having dedicated 2 years to the Mexico, Merida Mission to help build it and serve others.  Descendants from our Etna, Wyoming roots include my uncle, 2 term Wyoming State senator, Delaine Roberts;  founding member of the Texas law firm Roberts-Markel-Weinberg-Butler- Hailey;  Jeffery Roberts and my amazing grandmother, Adele, who beautified our air-waves by singing in the world-famous, Mormon Tabernacle Choir for 15 years.  

I am not a fitness expert.  I'm just an average guy wanting to help you look good and feel better about yourself.  :) 

"Ninja from feudal ages of Japan disguised there selves as Merchants, Geisha, Travellers, Farmers anything that would make them look harmless to blend in or any disguised like Geisha, Priests, Musicians that would make it easy for them to get in to an enemy castles"    - Urban Dictionary


What is MuscleFuelNINJA? 

 I've dabbled very lightly in the tech industry.  According to days I spent in Palo Alto with (Retailigence.com), Mountain View (living) and Silicon Valley in general, "ninja" to me became someone who was a bit of a master... bold enough to step out and create his or her own path to mastering their craft.  This is done most often by computer software engineers. 

"Guru is so web 1.0"   Read this description of "ninja" via an article published by the Wall Street Journal.  

An early ninja by historic definition would have been Kirigakure Saizo.  These men were stealth warriors.  Per my definition early California ninjas would have been William Hewlett or David Packard (Hewlett Packard).  Nolan Bushnell (Atari) or Steve Jobs (Apple).  Or maybe even George Lucas (Star Wars).  In the fitness world - I am a muscle-fuel ninja.


Alright, now check out these mind blowing aerials of Miami and you can see why I hit my fitness in Miami and South Beach. 

   At MuscleFuelNINJA, I change lives.   I empower, facilitate, and cultivate positive change.    This is more than a site, more than a store,  even more than information, motivation, and supplementation.   I aim to be your precedent.


                                           Are you in the Miami area?  Get me as a personal trainer on thumbtack.com


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