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 Monday February 23, 2015

"...and the Oscar goes to.... training. Your training."

The CrossFit Season is officially among us as the first CrossFit Open workout of this year will be announced this Wednesday night! With all the new rule changes and different divisions that they’ve implemented for the Open this year, I feel that there is a lot more anticipation and angst for this upcoming season than there has been any year previous.

With that said, I feel like now more than ever is the most important time to be confident in your abilities and trust all you’ve done to prepare for this moment (or, in this case, the next 5 weeks). If you have dedicated yourself to your training day in and day out over the course of this last year, then believe that you’ve done what you needed to do to prepare yourself for this first phase of the season! Continue the routines that you have established-for sleeping, for use of vitamins and supplements, for what and when to eat, for warm-ups, for recovery-for everything that you do around, and for your training, throughout the year. The schedule of sleeping, working, training, eating, recovering, all of it, eat the same foods, follow the same patterns, treat the Open like another day at the office and TRUST YOUR TRAINING! If you haven’t tested something to find out if it works for you or not, NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO DO SO. Do what’s worked for you and what has allowed you to be successful up to this point. The ONLY thing that would be good to change, if need be, is your mindset! If there are ANY doubts, ANY questions, ANY fears, change them to that of a very confident, prepared, and calm mindset. Definitely know your limits, remember what you’ve learned in training as far as rep schemes, strategies, pace, etc. but ABSOLUTELY believe in yourself, your abilities, AND ALL THE HARD WORK YOU’VE PUT IN! Go into the gym for each of these Open Workouts and DO THE DAMN THING like you’ve done all year! For the sport of CrossFit, if you want to compete at a high level, the CrossFit Open is where it all begins; therefore, if you do not put it all on the line and perform over the next 5 weeks, you do not move onto Regionals, etc. If that’s your goal, as it is for me, then it all begins this Wednesday, and I believe that we got this, so LETS DO IT!


 Sunday February 15, 2015

"CrossFit Unscathed - We are STONE strong"

Over the past 3 months I have been in the process of opening my own CrossFit gym and we plan to open our doors in less than two weeks. The entire process has been an absolute roller coaster to say the least, but it has also been an amazing process of learning, growing, and developing- not only in the realm of business, but at the heart of who I am, literally.

Going through all of this has really placed in prospective, for me, what my purpose and true passion in this life is: helping people to become the best versions of themselves. And ironically enough, along the way, I believe I am beginning to become the best version of myself as well! And it is insane to me that all of this has developed through the stream of CrossFit.

Four and a half years ago, after graduating from college and completing my college basketball career, I began CrossFit as a way to stay healthy and competitive throughout my adult life. As time went on, and competing became the norm for me, the support I received from my CrossFit community began to shift those relationships from peers in the gym to what I considered very close family. This support became very mutual and I began to realize that the blessing I was given of being able to compete as a high level athlete, translated as inspiration for my community, which gave me a great platform to begin to fulfill what I now believe to be my purpose.

Two years into my CrossFit "career", I got my Level 1 Certification and turned my hobby into a job, by becoming a CrossFit Coach. Almost instantly, through helping people as a coach, and influencing them as an athlete, transforming people's lives through CrossFit became my passion, which easily turned into my lifestyle. I literally feel like I eat, sleep, breathe, train, talk, LIVE CrossFit each and every day and I absolutely LOVE it!

What began as a hobby and social venture, has led me to a lifestyle and, hopefully, a lifelong career that I could not be more excited about! My dad always told me the common cliche,
"If you do something you LOVE, you'll never have to work a day in your life."
Well, regardless of if I truly believed it then, I am absolutely LIVING it now! Here's to making your dreams a reality regardless of your initial intentions in life. Do what you love, love what you do! With this new gym, CrossFit Unscathed, I plan to do exactly that!

Saturday February 7th, 2015

"Changing my nutrition, not my religion"

Like most athletes, I am as strict with my nutrition as I am with anything else that has to do with my training. So, as I transition from the off season of training (which is more focused on gaining strength and working on skills) into my season (which is more focused on applying my skills and strengths at a much faster pace and at much higher intensities) I have realized that my nutrition regimen has to change with it in order for me to be successful.

This past year I have placed a lot of emphasis on leaning out while maintaining my strength, as gymnastic movements have been my Achilles heel, and I knew my weight would be as influential to my progress as working on the skills themselves. Therefore, I have religiously been following a flexible dieting plan and placed myself on a caloric deficit for the majority of my off-season. This has absolutely worked in helping me lose body fat and inches, while maintaining strength and increasing my gymnastics and speed. However, now that my season is here and I have started to compete, I am realizing how different my diet needs to be and how important properly fueling my body for my season is.

Obviously, in season, training and competing at a caloric deficit is not a possibility in order for me to be successful, because my success is based on how I perform, not how I look. That doesn't mean that I abandon all I've done and all I've learned in the off-season with my nutrition, it just means readjusting my nutrition and fueling my body for the success of my personal goals, which is performing in CrossFit at a very high level.

So moving forward in my season, I use the benefit of a different nutrition plan which has helped me to become a leaner, stronger athlete with improved gymnastics skills, and now fuel myself for optimal performance throughout my season until the cycle plays itself out all over again.

Thursday January 29th, 2015

"The importance of body maintenance - a chiropractic angle"

This past week I found myself dealing with a couple unexpected injuries. A high volume training day this past Saturday put my body under a LOT of load and left me pretty tight. I am an avid participant in chiropractic care and massage; however, the Monday following my chiropractor was sick. Missing treatment on Monday, in addition to more load Monday and Tuesday, led me to a slightly debilitating back injury which I have been dealing with this past week. If nothing else, injuries always seem to make me better appreciate my health and my bodies capabilities and perseverance through my training when it is healthy. It also helps me to better understand what my body endures internally as I push it through my training and prepare it for competition. Big picture, injuries remind me of the extreme importance of body care and maintenance from the spine out! Instead of treating injuries, I find that proper maintenance of your body and prevention of injuries, from regular visits to whatever avenues of care work best for you as an individual, is the BEST way to keep your body in the most ideal position to be healthy and successful! No one likes to be injured and I understand that some injuries cannot be avoided; however, I believe that setting ourselves up for success by taking body maintenance as seriously as our training/nutrition regimens, will greatly lessen the severity and/or the number of injuries we endure.



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