Dave Elsberry - Ultra Cyclist 

What this man has done in just half a decade on a bicycle is mind-boggling. I suspect you will be just as excited to read about Dave's Rides, as I am. See more at his website



Tuesday February 24th, 2015

"From 2000 ft to 7600 ft in 22 Montana miles.  A Vegas to Mt. Charleston climb"

The below photos were from Fri. the 20th,  climbing 22 miles to approx. 7600 ft. from starting in Las Vegas and climbing up Mt. Charleston.  Mt. Charleston is part of the Spring Mountains and is the eighth highest peak in the state of Nevada.  Its part of Clark County and has an elevation max of just over 11,900.  Its a great rear-round ride and a perfect training obstacle for me during the off season.  It is snow capped... as you can see in one of my photos below and even boasts a small village with a library to keep the literary senses fresh.  Along the climb up I met a fellow rider, Dave Renfrow from Montana.  Dave had made his way down to the plains of 'Vegas for some "nice cycling weather".   My guess is the snow is a little thicker up his way and certainly the air is a little chillier.   It was more than a pleasure to meet up with Dave and pick his brain about what was and wasn't working for him during his season.  I spoke to Dave about RAAM 2015 (Race Across America) which starts up in June and seemed to have sparked some interest.   I also tipped him off to my pedal power elixir, Vitargo S2 "Fastest Muscle Fuel".  There is no way I could have made this climb without it.  Overall rating of the approximate 5000 ft journey gain: very nice climb, bike friendly with nice broad road shoulders.  I'm getting geared up to do videos with perhaps a GoPRO as I believe these will generate more interest... so, stay tuned!   MuscleFuel NINJA - you ROCK!   




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