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Fein Innovations - tasteless caffeine


  • All natural ingredients
  • Unique, single form of caffeine--
    not found in any energy drinks
  • Virtually TASTE-FREE
  • 75 mg. caffeine/serving
  • Green packaging/carbon neutral claim
  • Readily goes into solution

 Fein® is a taste-free energy powder that can be added to any drink (and any food, even baked foods like brownies), adding about the same amount of caffeine as found in an 8.4 oz can of the leading energy drink (75 milligrams). But Fein® has ZERO calories, ZERO sugars or carbs, ZERO artificial sweeteners, ZERO colors, and ZERO artificial flavors. Fein® is one of the very rare energy products that has ZERO junk--ingredients that are hard to pronounce, come from unknown sources, and have unknown safety or effectiveness.

Fein® uses a secret blend of natural flavors to "erase" the otherwise bitter taste of caffeine. Most importantly, most people cannot taste Fein® when they add it to their favorite drink (even water) or food. Fein® is a FOOD productit is NOT a dietary supplement. Fein® is go anywhere (even waterproof), travel anywhere (through airport security), go into any drink or food, no jitters, no crash, clean energy that lasts hours.


Zane is a great ambassador for Fein, with his love of standup paddle boarding as well as other water sports combined with Fein will help him achieve his goal and conquer the ocean.

See the new video of our sponsored rider and how he loves pushing his limits with Fein.

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"Fein® is a workout and race regular for me. About half an hour before my CrossFit or running workouts I mix it into water, or even pour it straight into my mouth. During my races I take a Fein®, mixed into my bottle of carb fuel and water, every 3-4 hours. I used Fein® like this during the Mohican 100 mile race in Ohio I won this year, to help stay awake. I was alert enough to see me pass over 40 guys, and finish fourth overall."

Alexa Dickerson
BS (Kinesiology/Exercise Science) CrossFit Level I
CrossFit Endurance Certified Personal Trainer & Ultraendurance Athlete First place (women)/4th place (overall) 2011 Mohican 100 Mile Race Third place (women) 2011 Run Barbados Marathon Using Fein: Since 2009

"When I use Fein® it puts me on a different level than my opponents. I'm more aware, energized, and ready to win tournaments!"

John Racener
Professional Live Poker Tournament 
Professional 2nd place 2010 World Series of Poker [Texas Hold 'Em] Main Event: $5.5 million Using Fein: Since 2010

"I drink Fein® in an 8 oz. glass of water when I know I am going to need the extra energy out on the water, whether it's surfing, windsurfing, stand up, or towing in. Fein® keeps me going on those big days, or when I know it's going to be an epic session and I am going to be in the water giving it my all for the entire day. The last thing you want is to be fatigued, or have to come in when it's going off because you're tired. Fein® gets me pumped and ready no matter where I am or what I am doing!"

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer
Pro Stand Up Paddle (SUP) 
Surfer #3 in the World (2011) Grom of the Year (2011)
Using Fein: Since 2010

"I have to get up at 4 am every morning and I use Fein® everyday before going to work. I love the portability you can make any drink an energy drink!"

Bubba the Love Sponge
Nationally Syndicated Radio DJ
Using Fein: Since 2009

Listen to this soldier's dad talk about Fein®!

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Tana Goertz is an internationally-recognized TV personality, entrepreneur, professional speaker, radio co-host, author, project manager, Mom, wife and Triathlete.

"People hire me to energize and Fire Up their employees and groups. My schedule changes daily so I can't take the risk of ever being run down. Fein gives me the confidence to know that I can take on my busiest of days and conquer those long nights. Fein attracted my interest when I learned it was calorie and carb free, that matters to me since I watch unnecessary calories. Since using Fein in 2011 I immediately quit my daily coffee habit and haven't felt better."

"I work the night shift as a Patrol Sergeant and I'm on call 24/7 with a regional SWAT Team. I always keep a supply of Fein® with me because I can't afford to let my energy levels drop. Staying fit and healthy is a priority so whether I'm training for a SWAT competition, an 'extreme' race or any tough workout, I trust the clean energy I get from Fein®."

Jim Vaglica
Police Sergeant/SWAT team
Strength and Endurance Athlete
Using Fein: Since 2011


"Upon receiving the box of Fein®, the experimentation began. I started to look at what around me could be caffeinated and yield the best results. Soda became instant energy drinks without affecting flavor at all! Juice? Check. Coffee? Check. Chocolate Milk?? Check!!" (25 May 2010)

"Every time I had the same results, the flavor remained unchanged in whatever I mixed it inFein® has impressed me. It is the first energy powder I have had that is made to mix with anything. The fact that you can even cook with it really opens up possibilities with this product."


Coffee and tea both contain naturally occurring ingredients that "block" the action of caffeine that you absorb into your blood. High doses of caffeine make you thirsty, and stimulate greater urination. Caffeine works, in part, by modestly elevating the amount of adrenaline in your blood. University studies in humans have shown that pure caffeine is more "active" than the same amount of caffeine delivered in coffee, or pure caffeine added to decaf coffee. You can use your Fein as your secret weapon against fatigue and a sluggish brain, get more caffeine bang, and save MONEY.

75 mg
Caffeine content (mg)
8 oz. Caf Brewed Coffee
130-282 mg
Caffeine content (mg)
8 oz. Brewed Green Tea
29-61 mg
Caffeine content (mg)


  • All natural ingredients
  • Unique, single form of caffeine--
    not found in any energy drinks
  • Virtually TASTE-FREE
  • 75 mg. caffeine/serving
  • Green packaging/carbon neutral claim
  • Readily goes into solution



  • Students
  • Professional Drivers
  • Law Enforcement, Firefighters and other first responders
  • Medical professionals
  • Military Personnel
  • Athletes
  • Social people who want to "Conquer the Night and Take on the Day®!"
  • People driving long distances or operating heavy machinery
  • "Graveyard shift" workers
Fein Innovations - tasteless caffeine