Butt Exercises to Tone Your Glutes

Any women will tell you the number one thing they want, other than to eat chocolate and not gain weight, is to have a perfect perky butt. Sure it’s nice to have the flat tummy, but if you’re rear is not filling out the back of those jeans then frankly your butt workout is falling flat. No need to worry because we have you covered with a workout plan to get you a better butt! We will help give your posterior a lift with these six simple effective butt exercises to turn your flabby butt into buns of steel. 

1. Squats: Your glutes are responsible for hip extension. So each time you go from sitting to standing the gluteus maximus fires up to lift you up. The great thing about squats is they work all the major muscles of the legs including your hamstrings.The great thing about squats is the lower you go, the more you work the glutes and hamstrings on the way back up! Ensure feet are shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out sit your butt back and down like you are sitting into a low chair. Add weight to challenge yourself more.

2. Lunges: Whether they are walking, forward, backwards or weighted, lunges are great for raising the heart rate, adding a cardio burn, and providing a great leg and tush workout. Ensure that both your knees go to 90° and you keep your chest lifted throughout the exercise.

3. Glute Bridge: Done by physical therapists to fire up the glutes and hamstrings this is one move that needs including in every butt workout! Sitting on the floor with your back against a bench, and a weight across your lap, squeeze the glutes and lift your hips off the floor so that your hips are level with your shoulders.

Beginners can regress this move by either omitting the weight or doing the move lying on the floor. For a real bodyweight challenge, do this move in a TRX suspension trainer! That one is a hamstring burner!!!

4. Deadlifts: Deadlifts, they hurt so good! As with squats and lunges it’s a love-hate relationship but for a great butt they are a must. Straight legs will emphasize more in the hamstrings and glutes, but if you have flexibility issues you can bend your knees a little while you work on your range of movement.

Take the work out of the back by pushing the hips back and keeping the back straight throughout the movement. Switch to a wide foot position for focus in the gluteus medius.

"Any women will tell you the number one thing they want, other than to eat chocolate and not gain weight, is to have a perfect perky butt. "

5. Side-lying hip abduction: While it might seem “old school”, this exercise has its place in any bootylicious workout. Research¹ by Lindsay J. Distefano PhD from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC has shown that the side-lying hip abduction activates the gluteus medius more than squats, lunges and deadlifts.

Whilst the move is simple, it’s effective. Lie on one side, with the bottom leg bent, top leg extended. In a controlled movement lift and lower the top leg. Add weight for more challenging move.

6. Quadruped hip extension: This one is old-school meets new-school. On all fours simply bend on knee to 90° and lift the heel to the ceiling. Add resistances to challenge the glutes further, and ensure your abs are engaged throughout the movement!

For each exercise begin with 6-12 reps with good form. Progress the exercises by increasing the difficulty of the exercise. You can do this by performing single leg exercises, or increasing the weight, reps and sets to build the perfect buns! 

Remember though strength is only half of the equation, if you’re butt still has too much jiggle then increase the calorie burn with some cardio. Remember that cardio doesn’t have to mean running on a treadmill. You can get a plyometric cardio burn to target the glutes by incorporating jump squats, and plyo lunges into your glute workout. As with all things, variety is the spice of life

Sources: www.jospt.org.com