Protein Basics 

The when and how much.  The Why.  And, the which of protein powder

Protein - its what all the hype's about.  Right?  Yeah.  So, why?  Companies are spending millions of dollars on high profile marketing campaigns.  Athletes and actors are signing 7 figure contracts to attach their name to protein products.  You see company logos in the end zones and sidelines of football games promoting protein products.  Its like seeing the Gatorade logo on water bottles.  Are electrolytes during the game really going to improve performance and help score touchdowns?  No.  But, a super-fast absorbing carbohydrate will.  Will downing a bottle of Muscle Milk during the game help?  No.  Not at all, really.  So, what the heck are these companies doing besides capitalizing on prime tv exposure?  Nothing.

Walk into a nutrition store and you're bombarded with labels throwing big numbers in your face.  30, 40, 50, 60 GRAMS of PROTEIN!!!!  So, why all this hype?  Why the big numbers?  Why the tv time?  And, how do I know which protein product to take?   

Well, the hype is simple.  Protein builds muscle.  Its what drives, spawns and promotes growth in muscle size.  Its essential to a recovery or POST workout shake.  However, get too much of it and it turns to fat in your body.  Don't get enough and you'll miss out on primal gains and you'll waste hard work.  Problem is, you may be taking the right quantity - or close to it, but, you're taking a low grade which means its hard on your digestive system, is not as pure as it should be and yes, converts to fat in your body quicker.  

Most of the big budget marketing campaigns are from companies spending pennies to get barge-loads of cheap, low quality protein shipped over to you from places like China.  They're packaging it, slapping a fancy label on it with cool graphics and most times garbage charts and data and making huge profits.  They're making a KILLING and you're getting flashy commercials snapped on your tv screen.  But, what good is it doing for you - besides it tasting like a birthday cake while making your wallet thinner? Hey, the trade is great for commerce.  Not so great for your anatomy and workout.  So, it's time someone took a moment to square up and set the record straight for you on the when, why, which and how much protein you should be taking.   


Some great questions - 

What protein brand should I buy?  I recommend Ultra Peptide (scroll to page bottom).  

When and How much protein should I take?  20 g every 3 hours.  Read more

Define protein. Why and what is it?   Protein are basically like little building blocks for your body and muscles.  Read more 

Which protein powder should I be taking?  For optimum growth: whey.  Soy, pea, vegan, etc are alternatives.  Read more

What protein should I buy?  There are a few that I recommend.  But, Ultra Peptide is the gold standard.  Read more

Protein synthesis.  I've heard this term before.  But, what is it?   Process of promoting muscle growth.  Read more

What are some other protein powders?  Check these out

Video: How Protein Becomes Muscle



Breaking Down your basic Protein Uptake; 

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Ian, of all the protein powders out there - which one do you recommend?  

 Xtreme Formulations' Ultra Peptide is currently my recommended Protein Powder.  Feel free to also request a sample pack of my NinjaMilk Power Peanut Butter. 


Xtreme Formulations' ULTRA PEPTIDE is second to none.  This is the KING of protein.  If you're on MuscleMilk or a MusclePharm product, stop robbing yourself.   Xtreme Formulation's Ultra Peptide is the ultimate POST workout protein.  Hands down.  No questions asked. 

The only thing better than this would be to a) throw in a scoop ofVitargo or b) drink VitargoPOST.  

A star is born in this product.  And that star will be YOU once you'vre on this.  You'll order NOTHING BUT.   Xtreme Formulations is the first and only company to not only disclose proprietary casein to whey protein ratio of 51/49 (pure undenatured low temperature processed micellar casein to ceramic microfiltered whey isolate) but, also the only company to include over 50% of the protein in Ultra Peptide from micellar casein (an industry first per their website).  This makes Ultra Peptide a "super protein" as it targets the acquisition of lean muscle tissue.  It has both casein and whey for rapid recovery (whey) and slow elongated absorption (casein) for ultimate recovery.  The product features shelf stable designer EFA's (essential fatty acids).  This boosts over-all health and is extremely anabolic for POST recovery. 

Go with the cinnamon roll flavor and you will never taste a better protein.