Protein Defined.  The WHY

The human body is made up of 37 TRILLION cells.  Each cell contains protein.  Its the protein in a nucleus that tells the cell (and thus, the body) what to do.   Want to curl a dumb bell?   Thank protein.  

Think of protein as being like little machines that run and operate within your body to help make it a strong, tough, fit, fighting warrior.  Amino acids make up proteins and peptides are like tiny proteins.  But, peptides make up polypeptides and a protein isn't typically defined as a protein unless it is long enough (the chain) to be classified as a polypeptide.  So, proteins come in all shapes and sizes.  

Lets stick to the basics.  Think of protein as being like all the tiny bricks of gold that make up Fort Knock.  You are like Fort Knox.   Proteins get broken down and recycled by your body so, you need to continuously consume and build new ones. Defend and build your fort.  Consume and build protein.  Don't worry about the cells (37 trillion), peptides and polypeptides too much in your supplementation.  Concentrate on the amino acids and proteins. 

The best way to build muscle is by eating foods high in protein.  A whey protein shake is the fastest way to do this.  Foods high in protein that you should eat during meals are:  beef, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, nuts, seeds and legumes (like black beans and lentils).   I love these photos: 

Protein builds, maintains and replaces tissue in your body.  Muscles are all made up of protein but, so are organs as well as is your immune system - they are all made up of protein.  Protein, for instance, is used by the body to make hemoglobin - the part of red blood cells that deliver oxygen to every part of your body. Protein is also used to build and strengthen your heart.  Yeah, man.  You're heart is a muscle.  Protein is essential to help you keep moving your legs and protecting you from disease.  So, protein is supper important and not just for getting your muscles big.  

More to know about protein: 

"They are made of a polymer of amino acids. Proteins are composed of many amino acids (hundreds of thousands), causing them to be amphiphilic, meaning that parts of the compound absorb water, while the rest of the compound repels water. Proteins are large, complex molecules essential for the proper functioning and structure of the body. Some of the major proteins found within the body include antibodies, enzymes, messengers, structural components, and transport and storage.

Antibodies are responsible for attacking and eliminating outside pathogens. These proteins are often referred to as “white blood cells” and play a critical role in the functioning of the immune system.

Enzymes are responsible for carrying out the chemical reactions that occur within the body. Enzymes also play a role in the formation of new molecules.

Messenger proteins are responsible for conducting chemical and hormonal signals throughout the body. These signals play a critical role in the functions and processes carried out by the body.  Some proteins provide structural support for cells. These proteins are responsible for the structure of cells, and help create the overall form of the body.  Other proteins serve as a medium for transporting and storing substances throughout the body."     -

Again, protein are like tiny machinery that move, build and strengthen your body.  The FASTEST way to consume protein is via a protein shake.  The powder or (pre-digested) form, makes for fast absorption and thus, promotes rapid recovery to rebuild your body (ie: muscle tissue).  The most effective type of protein for muscle building is whey.  Protein powders also come from egg, soy, fish (ie: salmon), pea, hemp, and rice.  But, none build muscle more effectively than WHEY. 

Here's the origin of the word protein.  It comes from a Swedish scientist, doctor and chemist named Jons Jacob Berzelius (1779-1848).  A Dutch chemist Gerhardus Johannes Mulder had already described proteins before Berzelius had, but he didn't use the word "protein".   The word protein itself comes from the Greek word protos meaning "first" and the Greek word proteios meaning "the first quality".  The ideology is that it is essential to life (a primary/first quality for life, a raw/primary material).  Understanding the "first" concept helps you understand how protein helps build you into a strong, tough, fit, fighting warrior MACHINE.  

Read the wikipedia definition of protein for further clarity.  

Final word - a shot out to the Swedes.  Why?  Not only for discovering "protein" but, it was a lab in Stockholm called the Karolinska Institute that invented carb loading.  From carb loading research came the invention of Vitargo - the world's fastest "super-carb".   Carbs are like energy for your body and workouts.  Protein is like the building blocks to create you and your muscle.  The best carb today (1.22.2015) may come from Sweden BUT, the best protein is definitely AMERICAN.