30 Day Squat Challenge

Starting and sticking to a workout routine is not an easy task in our busy life, but making a time for it becomes less of a hustle with a plan in hand. That's what makes 30 day challenge popular and doable.

Why Squat? 

Squat is a fantastic multi-muscle exercise that tones your glutes, thighs and hamstrings while strengthening the core and improving your strength. While it's an excellent choice as an everyday workout, when done incorrectly, it can hurt your knees, lower back and ankles. 

Over the past year, 30 day squat challenge has become insanely popular. While I love that more people are squatting today, I cannot help but to notice the danger of beginners who never performed squats before starting off with 50 to 250 squats a day.

It's not only important to help challengers get acquainted with squats with more elementary, warm-up like move like wall squat before advancing them to standard squats with higher repetitions. Also without rest days inbetween vigorous squat sessions, the famed and popular 30 day squat challenge can be disastrous and outright dangerous. 

"Beginners performing hundreds of squats is insane and dangerous. Here is a safer and beginner friendly alternative to the famous 30 Day Squat Challenge."

Also performing squats for 7 days a week for 30 days non stop is also not good for your body. Only with proper rest and recovery, you leap the benefits of the squat challenge. 

To combat all the fads of the current 30 day challenge, our Fitwirr fitness expert came up with an alternative 30 Day Squat Challenge that is safe and beginner friendly. It is designed to both challenge and strengthen your glutes and legs while keep you injury-free. 

Now, go on and get your perfect butt with this safer, beginner friendly 30 Day Squat Challenge. 

30 Day Squat Challenge

Be sure to let us know how you did at the end of your challenge!