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"I have been using #Vitargo for a couple years now and it is one of the secrets to my success in training and competition. I suggest it to all my athletes and clients. It is the #fastest carbohydrate in the world for #preworkout and/or #postworkout #recovery"  

Christopher Mark Algieri, WBO Light Welterweight Champion

Vitargo.  "... using it and loving it!"

- Megan Romano - USA Swimming

*Megan trains with the North Baltimore Aquatic Club and Michael Phelps' trainer, Keenan Robinson.  Listen to Keenan speak about Vitargo here


"... our fundraiser in Nov was a huge success and I now have a number of athletes (including my swimmers) on Vitargo."  

           -- Chris Michelmore (Crossfit Moxie, San Jose, CA)

"...Vitargo S2 has been and continues to be our sole source of fueling our athletes and helping them recover. Vitargo S2 is a part of who we are and what we do here at Cal, and we are looking forward to our continued usage of Vitargo products..."

 -- Dave Durden  (Head Coach, Men's Swimming and Diving,                                                         UC Berkeley, NCAA Champions 2011/2012)                                                       *Read Dave's LETTER

 "When you get to be 67 yrs old and are striving to set world records, it is very important to use a product that DOES exactly what it SAYS it WILL do.  Vitargo came along at the perfect time to help me set this world record.  Proud to be part of the Vitargo team!"                                

               - Keith Harmon, AAU American and World Record Holder.                                                      Bench Press. 67 years old. 330.69 lbs.                                                                               Banned Substance FREE

"Being a Competitive CrossFit Athlete, my training has become an avid 6 days a week, with a majority of the week being double days. My morning sessions comprise of about 2 hours of lifting and my evening sessions are mainly comprised of my higher intensity metcon training. Before Vitargo, I was finding that mid way through my morning training I was searching for food to not only suppress my hunger but to also increase my energy to help my sustain my training. After finding Vitargo, hunger and energy were no longer a problem regardless of my length of training and/or my intensity. Vitargo really helps me to maintain my energy and output throughout all aspects of my training and gives me the opportunity to train at my best each and every training session. Vitargo also helps me to replenish my glycogen storage after my training is done, to help me refuel and recover for the next day. Vitargo has absolutely been an essential component to my training and I definitely attribute my improvement and success to using the product!!"  

- Carlie Stone. Southern California


 "...It was Dave Mackey who turned me on to this super starch formula a few years ago, and it is a game-changer. More energy, more calories per hour, and it passes through my stomach with ease in the heat, cold, or altitude (Sunny Blende did a great overview video of super starches last year if you want to learn more). I've tried them all, my friends, and nothing works like Vitargo..."                                                                                                                                - Scott Dunlap - Runner                                                                                      www.atrailrunnersblog.com

5x Olympian, Dara Torres is a University of Florida Gator                                                             *Please read Dara's interview in HEALTH MAGAZINE


"The perfect carbohydrate is one that does not supply any sugar and thus has little impact on blood glucose, especially for the athlete who needs instant energy without the drawbacks of sugars like dextrose and Maltodextrin.  Vitargo is a pure carbohydrate that contains 0 grams of sugar."                                                                                                                     - DietSpotLight.com

"I delayed getting into Vitargo due to my arrogance and belief that protein and BCAAs alone would increase my performance.  Not only have I shed 32 seconds off my PR within 3 days of using it but, I am NOW throwing in an entire upper-body workout prior to my incline hill run.  This, almost to EXHAUSTION.  I want to thank you for creating such a product, and I'm looking forward to spreading the word about Vitargo, particulary to other cadets at West Point!"                                                                                                                                                                                 - Joe Chabries, West Point, NY                                                                                    Soccer/Rugby

 "Vitargo was instrumental in my performance at the Ragnar Relay from Miami to Key West.  Running 6 legs with minimal rest (and no sleep) over 29 hours...can't do that very well without Vitargo!!

                                   - Michelle Adams                                                                                             (GNC sponsored athlete, IFBB Pro, Brooks athlete

"there is no way that I would have been able to sling that much weight on a leg press sled without Vitargo!   Awesome product delivering awesome results!'

            - Anthony Monteverde (Retired US Navy, Law Enforcement),                                                                                  Raleigh, North Carolina


First man to complete the “Triathlon Trifecta” of World Championships:  Ironman Kona, Xterra Off Road, and Ultraman (320 mile, 3 stage triathlon over 3 days).  Add in 3rd Place at Full Vineman 2011.  

“I use Vitargo® S2 before, 400-700 cals/hour during, and right after racing and intense training. I have forgotten bloating and bonking and can push my performance limits, fueled with confidence.”

                                                                                      - Slater Fletcher, tri-athlete                                                                                                              www.slaterfletcher.com


"...Proof in human subjects... is better than conventional post-workout drinks containing maltodextrin and sugars as the primary carbohydrate source.  Again, this has been proven in university studies in athletes, not animals."   Read more                                                                                                                                                                                       - Anthony Almada via Bodybuilding.com



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