the only functional water enhanced with
the purifying power of the silver ion+

SILVERWATER - ionic silver supplement, 12oz bottles

 SILVERWATER - ionic silver supplement

  • 12 fl oz per bottles (pick your pack quantity)
  • first ever functional water enhanced with the purifying power of silver
  • designed for cellular purification™
  • aids in achieving and maintaining optimal health
  • generated using only 99.99% pure silver

  SILVERWATER™ places as a finalist in the 'Best Still or Sparkling Water Category' at the 2013 Beverage Innovation Awards @drinktec held in Munich, Germany.


About SW™

SILVERWATER™ was founded in 2010 with the vision to bring to the masses an overlooked,and oftentimes misrepresented mineral that has been used extensively throughout human history. Beginning with the early stages of modern civilization, Silver has been highly regarded both for its innate healing, as well as its purification properties. SILVERWATER™ was created as a cost effective approach to purifying the body at its very foundation, the cellular level.

We here at SILVERWATER™ have incorporated a practice of mindfulness within every facet of our business operation. We take a great deal of pride in having created a product that we ourselves not only believe in, but also use on a daily basis. From our first hand experience in seeing what this product is capable of doing within our own lives, we felt a moral obligation to bring this product to the masses to try out for themselves. 

We are fully aware, and appreciate that we live in a world with dwindling natural resources, and that there is an imperative need to keep our individual carbon footprints to a minimum. We keep this in mind when we make our business decisions. From the materials that we use, to where we source our water, to how we transport our product, it is our intention to operate an environmentally sensitive business that is a healing force for the planet, while concurrently reducing environmental degradation.

Because we live in a world today that is manipulated by powerful forces of oversight,one’s that rarely, if ever have the best interest of the individual at heart, we are limited as to what we can actually say this product is capable of doing. However, we would encourage each and every one of you, as we here at SILVERWATER™ do, to constantly search for proof and evidence within your own lives, and to live Healthy, Happy, and Free. 

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