Elite athletes and weekend athletes.  Below are a few.  Please visit testimonials to see others.

                                            Olympic Sprinter Justin Gatlin                              

Justin Gatlin BEATING Usain Bolt in ROME training on VITARGO 

(click on image below to watch race video)

                                                                                 University of Florida Gators

2014 SEC MEN'S Swimming Champions / Gator Website

(click on image below to see victory video)

  Other swim programs using Vitargo:  Pac-12 - CAL and Stanford / ACC - Duke / Mountain West - San Jose State

                                                                           North Baltimore Aquatic Club

Coach Bowman (@coach_bowman) and Keenan Robinson (@kkrirsh)

(Listen to Keenan speak about Michael training on VITARGO the 17:30 mark @ audio)


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