Join 100,000's of thousands of people who are squaring up their fitness.  These workouts cater to you and your individual muscle groups and I've added some great workout articles for your resourcing.  

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 Running - have a specific route in mind and you want to calculate distance?  Use this great geo-distance application for reference.  

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We all have those who motive us.  Whoever you follow.  Whoever motivates you or whatever you're motivated by.  There is always typically someone you've met, you've seen, you know or read about that makes you push a little harder and work a little harder each day.  That person hopefully includes yourself.  If it doesn't it should.  Regardless, apart from self,  there have been and are some amazing names in fitness and sport.  Kirk Morris, Burt Lancaster, Bruce Lee, Reg Park to Roger Bannister, Carl Lewis, Angelina Jolie, Barry Bonds, Mark Spitz, Babe Ruth, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Floyd Mayweather, or Kim Kardashian.  Here are a few that stick out in my mind.  Who or what motivates you?  Send me an email. 


  • From: St. Joseph, Michigan
  • 2x Sport Illustrated Cover model
  • IMG Models 
  • Game of War


  • From: Hayward, CA
  • University of Miami
  • Fitness and movie stud



  • From: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 1950 Mr Universe athlete
  • aka: JAMES BOND
  • 1999 - People's Sexiest Man alive  (age 69)




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